Quality policy


We support national and international construction companies with technical and production expertise and high-level service.


Our company aims at excellence, offering customers work skills and their products, equipped with CIT1.

Quality policy:

  • Do not just selling products, but solving customer problems promptly and professionally.
  • Applying the Risk-Based Thinking approach, analysing the business context by identifying the expectations of the relevant stakeholders.
  • Respecting the regulation on the product, the environment and workers' health and safety.
  • Improving the effectiveness and efficiency of the products and services offered by defining the period measurable targets and related indicators.
  • Aiming at the satisfaction of the customer and other stakeholders, measuring it systematically.
  • Systematically analysing the causes of nonconformities (of product/service, environmental and related to health and safety) thus implementing effective remedies, preventing their recurrence and reducing the number of accidents and any occupational diseases.
  • Using systems and materials that guarantee full compliance of the products, satisfying the safety conditions in the workplace.
  • Periodically reviewing this policy and the targets defined by DIR, at least during the Management review.

Annually, during the Management review (ref. Paragraph 5.7 of this manual), DIR defines the targets consistent with this policy and what emerged from the Board of Directors.